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Stephanie Barmann

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  I grew up an outsider, never really understood by anyone. I was adventurous and daring; actually I am surprised I lived through childhood. I swam in the Niagara River and Erie Canal. I played on railroad tracks and bridges. I played hide and seek in graveyards with my friends, we weren't morbid, just young and there were a lot of places to hide there. I had my own world created in the small city where I lived and grew up.

  My life wasn't easy. I had to face the loss of two brothers at a very young age and that alone changed my life. It was then that I saw an angel and later when I realized there was more out there than we could ever understand. It were these things that opened my eyes to the paranormal and I've been learning about and writing about it since.

  I now write my passion for the paranormal and have moved onto horror as well. I want my characters to come alive (even the dead ones) and make the reader remember them forever.




Good times with Great friends
Quiet moments with family
curling up with a good book
A tear jerker movie, there's nothing better for the soul than a good cry
Watching the world pass by with quiet observation